True Vision In Christ, CLG


Founder & Pastor

Bishop-Elect Carolyn H. Glenn is a woman of vision and great ambitions, who is determined to complete and carry out the obligations which was bestowed upon her from God.

Bishop-Elect Glenn accepted the Lord into her life at the remarkable age of ten. Since that time, she has been on a constant mission for the Lord.

She is the Founder and Pastor of True Vision In Christ
Church of the Living God, Inc., which is located at 1704 Mercy Drive in Orlando, FL. In 2004, Bishop-Elect Carolyn Glenn was appointed the District Presiding Elder of the Florida Atlantic Diocese of the Orlando District in the Florida Atlantic Diocese and in Aprill 2011, she was appointed and consecrated as the State Diocesan Elder to assist Bishop Dr. L. Delores Ward.  In February 2016, she was appointed as Bishop-Elect of the Florida Atlantic Diocese.

Since the commencement of the ministry, the Lord blessed tremendously with the performing of miraculous works in the lives of many, the professing of souls being born again, healing being confessed through testimonies, and blessing poured out by the Lord. Bishop-Elect Glenn is convinced that God predestined this ministry.

Aside from being a faithful ambassador for the Lord, Bishop-Elect Glenn is a committed wife to her husband, Deacon William Glenn, and mother of two children, Chris and Latrice Glenn. Bishop-Elect Glenn’s family has been an inspiration to her and the ministry with offering up of their musical talents to the Lord.  In 2012, Bishop Elect and the True Vision Mass Choir recorded their first debut album entitled, "Lord, I Need A Miracle". 

Bishop-Elect Glenn graduated from Maynard Evans High School. She then progressed to receive her AA Degree from Valencia Community College and furthered her education on to the University of Central Florida. Elder Glenn also received a Diploma of Practical Theology, Diploma of Effective Leadership & Communication, AA Degree in Biblical Studies, Bachelors Degree in Theology and she also received the “Pastor of the Year Award”” from the Florida Atlantic Diocese, CLG in October 2001.

Being that she has obtained undoubting faith in the Lord over the years, it is inevitable that she will let nothing dissuade her assurance in God.